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Enforcement recorder Enforcement recorder Enforcement recorder
Product name : Enforcement recorder
Product No. : 2019123010843
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 ◆ anti-drop two-color mold

◆MSTAR industry program

◆ support 30 meters remote control

◆ support hd external camera

◆ support flash of white light


Description of basic parameters

Main control scheme Mstar 8328P chip

Lens wide Angle 140 wide Angle

Sensor CMOS hd Sensor Ov4689

Display TFT-LCD2.0 "high resolution LCD display

Voice broadcast video, broadcast alarm voice prompt

Digital zoom 128 x digital zoom

Memory capacity up to 128GB

Fast playback playback video, audio and picture files, video playback can be 2-128 times fast forward, fast back browse

On-board mode start on-board mode power on and video recording

Virus firewall disk write protection, file can be exported, not imported, to prevent virus intrusion

Close beat mode open close beat mode after the machine sound and light shield

Start the vibration recording. The device senses the vibration and starts recording

Motion detection turn on motion detection mode, the device detects the moving picture and starts recording

Remote control supports external hd camera, dual hd video recording

The external device supports 2.4g wireless remote control for recording/recording/taking photos/shutting down

Video resolution 2304x1296/30p 1920x1080/30p 1280x720/30p 1280x720/60p 848x48/30p

In the state of one-button video shutdown, long press the video button to start the device and start shooting

Video format MOV

Watermark displays device ID, police ID, date and time

Video pre-recording pre-recording time is 15 seconds before starting recording

Delay video recording delay 5 seconds /15 seconds /30 seconds

Audio high quality built-in microphone

When the recording is turned off with one key, long press the recording key to turn it on and start recording

Recording format WAV

The photo resolution is 40M 38M 34M 14M 12M 8M

Photo format JPEG

Multiple consecutive shots support set number of consecutive shots: 5/10/20

Snap supports capturing photos in video shoots

Exposure compensation adjustment: 0.0EV~±2.0EV

The monitoring video interface of laser positioning lamp is enabled to assist video positioning

White light floodlight surveillance video interface enabled, night lighting

The infrared night vision lamp monitoring video interface is manually enabled for night/dark scenes

Night vision can see characters from a distance of 5 meters and Outlines from a distance of 10 meters

The indicator light is green when standby, yellow when recording, green when taking photos, red when recording, green when charging, and red when shutting down and charging

Dimensions 79x58x31 (mm)

The quality of 130 g

Fall protection height is 3.6 meters

Waterproof class IP66

Battery capacity: 2850mAh lithium battery

Standby time continuously more than 16 hours

Charging time quick charging function, battery charging time 4 hours

Time on/off, automatic time correction after positioning, the upper computer can also correct synchronization

Screensaver Settings: 30 seconds /1 minute /3 minutes /5 minutes/off

Automatic shutdown 30 seconds /1 minute /3 minutes /5 minutes/off

USB interface USB 2.0

Automatic screen closing setting: 30 seconds /1 minute /3 minutes /5 minutes/off

Volume control Settings: high/medium/low

Prompt sound on/off

Video sound can be turned off to record silent video

Video segments can be set to automatically segment 5, 10, 15, 30 and minute videos, with no interval between the two videos

Password protection on/off

Change device number to open/close

File view mode photo mode/file mode

Default Settings restore factory Settings

Remote control on/off

Device information software version

Standard accessories main machine, back clamp, shoulder clamp, data cable, charger, instruction, warranty card, certificate, packing box

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