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Product name : Enforcement recorder
Product No. : 2019123010355
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 Main features: high-end emba chip in the industry; detachable battery structure; complete functions; 4G real-time picture transmission


Parameters to describe

The processor A12A55

Protection class IP67

Applicable environment suitable for -30℃ to 60℃, humidity less than 90% of the working environment

Fall height 2.0m

Size 89 * 58 * 32 MM

The weight of 180 g

Battery removable structure design, 2400mAh

Display 2.0-inch TFT screen

The field of view is 126° horizontal

Video resolution 2560x144030p;

2304 x1296 30 p;

1920 x1080 45 p;

1920 x1080 30 p;

1280 x720 45 p/p;

1280 x720 30 p;

When the video recording resolution is 1920x1080, the resolution is 1150 lines.

When the resolution is 2304x1296, the resolution is 1250 lines

Video format MP4

Photo format JPG

Sensing type CMOS

The shutter APP can snap photos with one button, press the button to snap photos, and take photos automatically and at intervals

Infrared night vision Sensor automatically fills the light

Flash automatic/on/off optional

White balance auto

Photo pixel number test 42M(8000*5248) 28M (7104*3996) 20M(6016*3384)

12M(4608*2592) 8M (3776*2124) 4M (2688*1512)

The camera has 4 million physical pixels and can interpolate up to 42 million pixels

Positioning GPS/ beidou, base station multi-mode positioning

Wireless transfer-wifi WIFI function, the prototype can be controlled by the handheld device to take photos, record videos and set the set video resolution parameters, and the video files on the device can be downloaded locally

Wireless transmission -4G 1280*720, 960*540, 848*480 real-time 4G image transmission;Support real-time graph transmission, individual intercom, cluster intercom, GPS track tracking, platform local capture image photos, etc.

Mini USB 2.0 data interface to meet the ministry of public security data interface data transmission

The charging mode supports special adapters (DC 5V, 1500mA), USB interface charging, on-board charging and base charging

Storage media capacity factory default built-in TF memory card space is 16G, up to 128MB.

Horn high quality horn

Quality assurance 3C certificate

Recording function single button can be used to capture photos during recording, which should not affect normal recording. It can capture 4 million pixel hd photos and supports digital amplification

One key recording off after a key to open the video recording function

Key video marking key video, classified storage, in accordance with the standards of the ministry of public security

Pre-recording can retain the video before triggering recording (pre-recording time is optional)

Delay recording start delay recording, after pressing the button to stop recording, the specified time countdown to stop recording

After motion detection starts the detection function, the image automatically enters the recording, and stops recording after it is stationary

After the secret beat mode is turned on, the device will automatically turn off all prompt sounds and lights

On - board mode automatically start video, power - off countdown end video

H.264 video compression format

The night vision function can see the facial features of the characters at 8M away from the prototype and the human wheel outline at 15M away from the prototype

Browse, retrieve and playback have the function of browsing, retrieving and replaying the video and audio, audio, photo and other information stored by the machine in the way of time axis, photo support slide mode view, important files can still be marked in the process of view

Flashing lights + buzzer in law enforcement can be turned on to emit red and blue flashing warning lights with alarm bells

Time correction function law enforcement recorder can calibrate time through PC (to meet the standard requirements of the ministry of public security), GPS automatic correction

Abnormal alarm function law enforcement recorder has the function of battery undervoltage and storage overflow alarm.After the battery undervoltage alarm, the remaining capacity of the battery can ensure the normal recording of the law enforcement recorder not less than 5min, but not more than 30min

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