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Company News >> First traffic police cuirassiers' debut in jinhua, zhejiang (photo)

First jinhua first traffic police cuirassiers first show police cuirassiers first show


With flashing lights and roaring engines, mounted police in smart uniforms ride police patrol motorcycles on the track at the training ground of jinhua people's police school in zhejiang province.


Recently, jinhua people's police school held jinhua traffic police mounted police team training results report performance, marking the city's first traffic police culiqi team to establish the beginning.


"The cuirasses are made up of 15 police officers. Today is their debut and they will be carrying out tasks such as rapid evacuation and patrol disposal."Mobile guards brigade deputy district chief zheng bin said, in order to make the troopers can adapt to complex road conditions and actual combat alert, fighters 15 members of the team after a long time of training, mastered the snake around the column, suddenly restricted areas, such as high-speed dodge driving skills and motioned for vehicle parking slow, such as minimum unit together early-warning disposal.


It is understood that the construction of jinhua traffic police cuirassiers from scratch, follow-up work is still in intensive development.It is expected that in the near future will appear on the street to carry out the task, and formally meet everyone.The jinhua traffic police also plans to set up larger cuirassiers in the future, Mr. Zheng said.


Known as the "fastest legs" and "the strongest brain" in modern traffic, traffic police cuirassier is a new modern police mode integrating traffic management and service.


The service of cuirassiers is not a simple police patrol on motorcycles, but under the guidance of science and technology, to establish a cuirassiers team with excellent skills and multiple abilities of one police. Relying on the powerful background intelligence system and the advantages of motorcycles, cuirassiers can deal with emergencies and rescue the masses at the fastest speed.In the shortest possible time to eliminate traffic congestion and a variety of safety hidden dangers, at the same time, key illegal ACTS can be rapid, accurate, effective crackdown.


Look forward to jinhua traffic police this handsome cuirassier clan in jinhua traffic management shine.

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