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Company News >> Drone "assist" eliminates blind spots in environmental law enforcement

 Recently, in the sky above the air demonstration area near the no.1 middle school of daming county, hebei province, a four-rotor uav circled back and forth at an altitude of 150 meters and was checking the source of the pollution.


Drone "assists" to eliminate blind spots in environmental law enforcement in daimyo, hebei province (photo)


"The uav is equipped with a six-parameter detection terminal for air quality, which can display the air quality status of the aerial road in real time. Once abnormal data is found, inspectors can quickly locate and retain the photographic images through real-time images."Daying county environmental protection bureau director zhang yuepeng introduced.As the pollution sources are widely spread and unevenly distributed, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) can effectively make up for the shortage of human resources in environmental monitoring, extend the sight of environmental law enforcement, and enrich law enforcement and evidence collection methods. Uavs can not only look down from high altitude, but also make close observation of places inconvenient for law enforcement personnel and inaccessible to their visual field.


Because the uav flies high, sees far, takes the clear, is known as "the sky eye".Nowadays, the environmental protection sub-bureau of daming county routinely USES drones in environmental law enforcement to conduct inspections, such as dust control on construction sites and inspection of pollution prevention facilities of industrial enterprises, all of which can save time, energy, efficiency and precision.


Zhang yuepeng introduced, for the construction site dust control inspection, the uav can easily do aircraft replacement, through drone inspection, in the construction site concentrated area, the past need to send a number of teams or a long time to monitor in place, now, can do a flight on a comprehensive grasp, save time and effort;In the past, the inspection of pollution prevention and control facilities of enterprises required manpower to climb high towers, which was time-consuming and dangerous.With the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial surveillance and aerial surveillance, it can be seen at a glance whether there are any suspected illegal behaviors in the aspects of waste water and waste gas discharge and the operation of pollution prevention and control facilities.At this time to send law enforcement personnel to search, more convenient, accurate.In addition, in previous inspections, enterprises have refused to open doors to counter inspections and evade law enforcement. With drones, they can break through the restrictions of walls and fix evidence for the first time.


At present, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) inspections have become the norm in daming county, and high-tech means have been used to conduct targeted monitoring and precise strikes on various types of environmental violations, so as to resolutely win the battle to protect the ecological environment.

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