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Company News >> Wuzhen, zhejiang province, 2019: robots "go to work" to escort power consumption at the world Internet conference (photo)

 On October 17, an intelligent inspection robot was put on duty at the no.1 substation in wuzhen town, jiaxing city, east China's zhejiang province.

"Normal temperature, normal infrared..."In the substation, the robot walks flexibly on the ground, turns the overhead camera from time to time, stops in front of the power equipment, scans, takes pictures, collects instrument data...After a while, the staff in the background clearly see the robot "send" inspection report."With it, inspection is more comprehensive and accurate.And through the statistical analysis of the data, we can timely find the internal abnormalities of the equipment, to achieve early processing, more secure.Worker song xinwei said.


According to the introduction, the intelligent robot is not only small and flexible, patrol no dead corner, and can be carried out according to the needs of different routes and content of the inspection, including equipment temperature, meter reading, switch state, abnormal sound, etc.At the same time, it also has the function of simulating "human brain", which can analyze, statistic and judge the data, and constantly optimize the algorithm, providing auxiliary decision-making information for the staff, and providing more intelligent, more comprehensive and more detailed services for the substation operation.


It is reported that from now on, the robot will enter the power protection mode of the conference and make round-the-clock inspection according to the established route, forming a good "cooperation" mode of man-machine interaction and coordination with manual inspection, so as to ensure the safety and stability of electricity consumption at the summit.

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