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Bulletproof helmet Bulletproof helmet
Product name : Bulletproof helmet
Product No. : 20191123104144
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 The main body material of bullet-proof mask is made of high quality imported transparent polycarbon resin PC and acrylic plate laminated composite, which features high definition of mask, high bullet-proof effect and no glass splash.

The connection between the bulletproof helmet and the bulletproof mask is "fully detachable", which is suitable for the connection between the helmet and the mask of different models and specifications. It is convenient to adjust and fix and flexible to use.

Product parameters:

Mask thickness: 20mm

Bracket weight: 400g

Weight: 1450 g/PCS

Or: 390 * 150 mm

Material: special PC, PU

Protection level: Chinese level 2, NIJ 3A

Packing quantity: 2 pieces/box

Packing size: 37*32*18cm

1. Bullet-proof mask can protect the penetration of 7.62mm handgun bullet (lead) and NIJ 3A grade.

2, combination

The bulletproof mask is composed of a mask bracket and a mask window.

(1) mask bracket: a fixed device fitted around the helmet body and corresponding to the helmet body.It has four parts: bracket frame, fastening device, bracket connecting component, fastener and limit component.

(2) mask window: the protection level of mask window can be determined according to customer requirements.

3. Assembly of mask and helmet

(1) loosen the lock on the back of the mask;

(2) put the hook on both sides of the helmet;

(3) adjust the position of the hook, select the appropriate tightness, and lock the lock.


Adjust the length of the back strap by adjusting the buckle so that the back strap is attached to both sides of the wearer's neck. Then insert the jack in the emergency release into the body of the jack. When you hear a "click" sound, you will be in the state of locking.By adjusting the length of the strap on both sides of the helmet, the lower chin can hold the chin in a symmetrical way, with appropriate tightness, and the wearer should wear it steadily and comfortably.

5. Matters needing attention

(1) do not use fire or sharp instruments to strike, pay attention to moisture;

(2) long exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited;

(3) do not disassemble at will;

(4) after being hit by bullets or other high-speed objects, it is strictly forbidden to use it again, no matter whether it is penetrated or not.

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